Foliage_Branch Nomenclature

Scientific/Botanical Name:

Genus: Afrocarpus

Specie: falcatus


English Name:


Common Name:

Podocarpus gracilior

Botanical Family:

Name in Latin: Podocarpaceae

Name in English: Podocarpus

The Plant

Origin: native to Afromontane forests of Ethiopia, Kenya, Tanzania, and Uganda

Growth Habit: medium sized tree growing 20-40 m tall

Flower: The fruits are cones.

Blooming Period: N/A

Leaf: spirally arranged, lanceolate 2-6 cm long. Dark green and conifer like with long, flexible , flat needles on tall branches. Leaves vary in disposition sometimes being spirally arranged, but at others in two opposite or sub-opposite ranks. They are shortly petiolate and linear to linear-lanceolate, narrowing abruptly to a sharp or blunt apex and basally to a slightly twisted short stalk.


Useful for setting framework, accents, fill

Care and Handling

Lasting Quality: 1-3 weeks

Amount of water: moderate

Nutrition: food

Special handling:

Special feature/remarks:

In horticulture, where it is sometimes known by the confusing name "fern pine", it is grown as a tree, hedge, screen, or espalier in subtropical regions.