Cutflower Nomenclature

Scientific/Botanical Name

Genus: Oncidium

Specie: hybridum (2003)


English Name:


Common Name

spray orchids, oncidium, golden shower, butterfly orchid, dancing doll, dancing lady orchid.

Botanical Family

Name in Latin: Orchidaceae

Name in English: Orchid

The Plant

Origin: derived from the Greek word "onkos", meaning "swelling".Widespread from Mexico, Caribbean, parts of Florida to South America

Growth Habit: most are epiphytes, some are lithophytes or terrestrials. Characterized by presence of column wings, presence of callus on the lip, pseudobulbs with one to three leaves, basal bracts at the base.

Flower:shades of yellow, red, white, and pink. Petals are ruffled on the edges, long. Masses of tiny orchid flowers in thin, branching stems.

Blooming Period: available year round

Leaf: cylindrical leaves act as water reserve.


exotic arrangements, oriental design, en masse

Care and Handling

Lasting Quality: 1-2 weeks

Amount of water: moderate

Nutrition: preservative/food

Special handling: ethylene sensitive.

Special feature/remarks:

This is a complex, difficult genus, with many species being reclassified. Calls are made for splitting this genus into multiple genera. Is a genus that contains about 330 species of orchids.