Cutflower Nomenclature

Scientific/Botanical Name

Genus: Myosotis

Specie: alpestris


English Name:


Common Name

Alpine Forget-me-not

Botanical Family

Name in Latin: Boraginaceae

Name in English: Borage Family ; Forget me not Family

The Plant

Origin: Europe

Growth Habit: herbaceous perennial plant

Flower: Bright, clear blue, 5 petals in a disc, with little yellow "ring" at the center.

Blooming Period: Jul to September

Leaf: Basal leaves elliptical and hairy, in a rosette at the bottom, about 2 cm long.


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Care and Handling

Lasting Quality: text

Amount of water: text

Nutrition: text

Special handling: text

Special feature/remarks:

• The whole Forget me not plant has astringent and ophthalmic properties and can be used as a lotion.
• Forget me not plant's properties are an excellent remedy for many eye diseases.
• Forget me not plant is propagated by division in March or October or by stem cuttings taken in summer.
• The Forget me not flowers can be used in rock gardens.
• The variety Myosotis alba has white flowers and the variety Myosotis aurea has yellow flowers.