Cutflower Nomenclature

Scientific/Botanical Name

Genus: Liatris

Specie: L. spicata

Variety/Cultivar: text

English Name:


Common Name

Dense blazing star, prairie gay feather

Botanical Family

Name in Latin: Asteraceae

Name in English: Aster

The Plant

Origin: herbaceous perennial plant native throughout most of eastern North America. Survive in the winter in the form of corms.

Growth Habit: Plants form a low clump of grassy looking leaves, bearing tall spikes of bright magenta-purple flowers beginning in midsummer.

Flower:showy purple, the flower heads have disc florets and no ray florets

Blooming Period: July and August

Leaf: small and acilular



bouquets , arrangements, adds line, colour

Care and Handling

Lasting Quality: 7-10 days

Amount of water: moderate

Nutrition: preservative, food

Special handling: clean up to flower head

Special feature/remarks:

long laster, not as popular as in the past.