Cutflower Nomenclature

Scientific/Botanical Name

Genus: Hydrangea

Specie: H macrophylla


English Name:


Common Name

Big leaf hydrangea, french hydrangea lacecap hydrangea, mophead hydrangea, penny mac and hortensia

Botanical Family

Name in Latin: Hydrangeaceae

Name in English: Hydrangea

The Plant

Origin: Native to Asia- China<Japan, Korea, the Himalayas and Indonesia and North and South America.

Growth Habit: shub, most 1-3 metres tall, some are small trees.

Flower:Hydrangea macrophylla blossoms can be either pink, blue, or purple shades, depending on a pH-dependent mobilization and uptake of soil aluminium into the plants. grow in flowerheads (corymbs or panicles) at the ends of the stems. In many species, the flowerheads contain two types of flowers, small fertile flowers in the middle of the flowerhead, and large, sterile bract-like flowers in a ring around the edge of each flowerhead.

Blooming Period: spring to autumn

Leaf: green- dark green 5-7 point lobes


large flowers great for dramatic arrangements, focal points, definition and distinction.

Care and Handling

Lasting Quality: 4-7 days

Amount of water: moderate, hot to condition

Nutrition: food, preservative

Special handling: Remove all foliage that will be below the water line. Cut under water with a sharp knife.  Hydrate in a solution of warm water and commercial floral preservative / floral food for two hours before storage or usage. Hydrangeas that are wilted- recutting the stem under hot water and then placing in hot water reconditions them in a couple of hours.

If harvesting hydrangea blossoms from your garden for use as a cut flower, do not select young blossoms. Harvest blossoms that have been on the plant longer. Cut the stems below the new green growth and into the woody portion of the stem. Then, recut the stem ends and place them in a clean vase with four inches of boiling water. Allow the flowers to hydrate for several hours before storage or usage. Be aware that some cultivars of hydrangea simply will not hydrate as a cut flower.

Special feature/remarks:

Hydrangea macrophylla being by far the most widely grown with over 600 named cultivars. Pink Hydrangea mean " you are the beat of my heart"