Cutflower Nomenclature

Scientific/Botanical Name

Genus: Celosia

Specie: C. cristata or C. argentea (in debate)


English Name:


Common Name

Cookscomb, Brain Flower

Botanical Family

Name in Latin: Amarantaceae

Name in English: Amaranth

The Plant

Origin: Africa

Growth Habit: Tropical, annual, herbaceous, grown from seed

Flower: Resembling cockscomb or folds of the brain. large blossom found singly at the end of heavy stalk. Red Orange, bright yellow.

Blooming Period: July - November

Leaf: blue green , shiny , long , linear to ovate, lanceolate


Adds interesting texture , form , shape, colour

Care and Handling

Lasting Quality: 5- 7 days

Amount of water: moderate

Nutrition: floral preservative/food

Special handling: not ethylene sensitive, susceptible to fungal disease

Special feature/remarks:

Related to Amaranthus, has medicinal properties, some species are a food crop.