Cutflower Nomenclature

Scientific/Botanical Name

Genus: Alpinia

Specie: A. purpurata

Variety/Cultivar:Jungle King and Jungle Queen

English Name:

Ostrich Plume and red Cone Ginger

Common Name

Ginger, Ostrich Plume, Torch Ginger, Shell Ginger, Shell Flowers

Botanical Family

Name in Latin: Zingiberaceae

Name in English: Ginger Family

The Plant

Origin: Native to Malaysia

Growth Habit: herbaceous

Flower: bright red bracts, look like bloom but the flower is the small white flower on top.

Blooming Period: year round import

Leaf: badal sheaths that overlap to form a pseudostem, distichous leaves.


exotic arrangements, line, great texture, great drama, colour.

Care and Handling

Lasting Quality: 6-8 days

Amount of water: condition plume in water

Nutrition: no

Special handling: not ethylene sensitive, store 55-70

Special feature/remarks:

Family ( Zingiberaceae) is a large group of tropical herbs.