Full Spectrum of Flowers and Containers

Diane Levings

Diane has recently returned east from the western shores of Canada.

I have been on this fantastic learning curve. Starting here in Nova Scotia with a BA Psychology Acadia University then headed west. I studied with Tony Koch at Vancouver Community College Music Program. To support my school habit I started a floral design business and shop. Seattle became my second home and I completed a Master of Arts in Whole Systems Design at Antioch University. I am a Certified Floral Designer with the American Institute of Floral Design and I have studied in Europe to complete my European Master Certificate in Belgium.

I have studied with: Rodney Donaldson-US, Humberto Maturana-Chile, Tomas de Byrne- Belgium, Hitomi Gilliam-Canada, Gregor Lersch- Germany. I have come home to roost, continue my study, and integrate this knowledge and experience into design with my colleagues at Brighton Beach!

Joan Dewling

Joan Dewling received her MBA from Memorial University of Newfoundland and Labrador. Her experience includes 14 years of management in the the retail sector. She has helped develop and teach a variety go accounting and budgeting seminars through the Centre of Management Development of the Faculty of Business, Memorial University. As well she has consulted with various companies in the film industry, small business and organizations in the not -for-profit sector.

Candace Starr

Candace translates her passion for nature into her design work.

"I’ve always been fascinated by nature. As a child I remember spending hours lifting rocks looking at bugs and studying every tree, shrub and flower around our home. Over the years, I began looking at nature a little more deeply. When hiking through the woods I would observe how certain trees grow in certain environments, and which plants will grow in deep shade compared to which ones will thrive in wet conditions. My admiration inspired me to attend the Maritime College of Forest Technology where I graduated and then began working as an forest entomology technician. I was later giving the opportunity to lead a 24 day hike/canoe across northern Saskatchewan where I began to express my passion for nature through photography. Photography is one of the ways I connect with the world around me and it allows me to share my experiences with others. Now as a mother of two my husband and I share our passion of the outdoors with our children. It is where we are able to open their eyes to a whole new world and teach them things that simply couldn’t be learned from a book.